Integrate Cultural Differences

You lead a multicultural team or work in one and your experience is that the different worlds collide daily?
The most trivial things do not work as you are used to?
The Expatriate need to integrate quickly and effectively at the assigned location?

We go along with you to further develop your own identity, while sensibly enhancing behavior and integrating values where necessary.  For us a successful Intercultural Integration is: to achieve a balance between maintaining the own culture and opening up our minds towards change and diversity.

Our values, way of thinking or behaviors are not valid everywhere in the same way.  If we are able to better appraise other cultures, by avoiding stereotyping, this will be a successful way to reduce uncertainty, irritations, misunderstandings and stress.

We offer you tailor-made measures like Intercultural Coaching, Repatriation, Intercultural Sensitivity Workshop or Training and Multicultural Team Development.  Our utmost aim is to enhance your intercultural competencies and raise awareness within the organization.

Typical Situations for Intercultural Integration

  • Preparation for a foreign assignment incl. family
  • Adaptations-Coaching during the first 100 days abroad
  • Intercultural awareness for Human Resources department to manage Expatriate more effectively
  • Coaching towards the repatriation – coming home! (start: approx. 6 months prior the end of assignment)
  • “SOS” my boss is from a different culture (what does it mean to have a German, American, Asian boss, etc.)
  • The mother company is from a foreign country (Merger, Takeover etc.)
  • Firms expand overseas and exchange programs will be established for employees
  • A multicultural team will be formed in Germany
  • Different cultures meet in a new team
  • Virtual teams work together around the globe
  • etc.