An additional Perspective and Impulse for new Challenges

You like getting more clarity, new energy and ideas to take a decision?
Or simply allowing yourself a second opinion?
Everything is changing and too many things are going on at the same time?

Then Coaching is a professional partnership to reflect, encourage and confirm your decisions. It also is a great support during the implementation phase.

Our attitude: The solution is hidden in yourself.  Together with the Coach you can creatively develop stable solutions, by using him/her as a mirror and getting valuable feedback.  The Coach will accompany you on your way to success.  In a trustful atmosphere and relationship, our approach helps you to check your behavior related to your work and family environment in the actual context.

That is how you can identify inhibitive routines, typical pattern of your behavior and attitudes and undergo a reality check.  With a revisited view on your tasks you will reach clear orientation and you are able to broaden your spectrum of competencies and behaviors.

Our Coaching proposition ranges from sessions adopted to your needs, one-time coaching as a jump-start to an intensive support for a defined time.  Our goal is to strengthen your autonomy, hence the Coach will back out step by step.

Typical Coaching Situations

  • Job-related reorientation or start in a new profession
  • Take on a job-related or personal challenge
  • Conflict management
  • Managing conflicts of roles and values
  • Questions regarding self concept, self-esteem
  • When having specific leadership issues (differing self-perception and how others perceive you)
  • Goal finding process, goal achievement
  • Managing stress and work overload, Burn-out prevention
  • Feedback for a better self-evaluation
  • etc.